We used to talk for hours and one day, nearing the end of our conversation, I said I was sad and you asked why.

I said “I don’t know, I just am.”
”What makes you happy?” You asked. ”I don’t know.” And i didn’t.
You said in the most loving voice, “well, when you find it, don’t let it go.”
But by the time I realized it was you, you’d been gone for awhile.
I never had a chance to try to change your mind.

— m.a.
"I wish you’d talk to me like you used to how we’d never talk with our voices but with our eyes and I thought we were soulmates once when I was walking home on a June or July night and i stopped that thought but it had already sprouted in my garden of a brain and it grew into a tree and a bigger tree and it took over my body and ate my heart I’m a tree and I can’t fall in love with anyone but the person who planted me I would give you my world and I would give you anything to hear your voice again because you buried me in the ground and you left me but I grew and now I can see around me and I’m not completely blind anymore but I can’t move closer to you and i am no longer human I don’t know who I am but birds are living inside me and they’ve built their homes they think I care for them but I’m only holding my arms out for you"
— m. a. (afullyear)
soulmates is wrong// ma
you are a large corporation taking residence in a small dreamy town // m.a
m.a // jan 21 ‘14

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